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Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice thinking-material

I liked the animation and the opportunity it provides to think and (dis)agree about what's being said. Personally I didn't really get the feeling it was completely objective though. To me, you give the impression you're trying work towards (or describe) a truth, while what it really is is a compilation of your conclusions on information you have interpreted in a way that seems most logical to you. Although I'm sure many people think alike, there will be just as many people with a different points of views which are just as plausible.

I disagree on a spirit being something different then your brain. Surely it's two different things, but to me spirit should refer to consciousness, which is merely a product of a properly functioning brain. The reason you can measure thoughts is because they are generated by the brain which has large networks of neurons communicating by transmitting electrical impulses (which can be measured). That's my left brains opinion.
The reason for humans knowing what is going to happen or what somebody is going to say is merely because we are much better in reading situations then we give ourselves credit for. Feeling that something is going to happen, having a feeling you can't describe, might all just be your brain thinking without using a language. We are so used to think with words, any thinking that goes on without the use of a language seems supernatural or "psychic" to us. That's my left brains opinion about when I include my right brain to the picture. :P

Besides that, what's weird to me is that you don't seem to understand how animals communicate (I might be wrong). You give the impression you believe they communicate with their minds, or at least in some not yet fully understood way. But surely it's just non-verbal communication no? To me the most effective and clear way of communicating, often making words unnecessary.

Some short things. More earthquakes, revolutions and demonstrations these days? seriously? Those have always happened, that's just media trying to make us think the world is going to hell just to keep us entertained. And for the jars with text on them... Even if emotions and thoughts could make water do things, words written on jars don't contain any emotion or thoughts, no matter what they say, they're just words. If you have the link to the article I would be happy to read how the hell they performed the experiment. Is it an official article?

Anyway, these are just projections of my thoughts about my interpretations on the projections of yours. They might be as incorrect to you and many other people as I perceive some of yours to be, but whatever.
I wouldn't have bothered writing such a big reply if you hadn't said in the flash you want people to talk about it with.

I like the series though! Keep up the good work!